Journey to Japan

2015 Gold Coast Quilters Guild BOM

Join us in a journey to discover the amazing Japanese block patterns designed by Susan Briscoe, a professional textile designer, author, and teacher. Her books include “Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match”, “Japanese Taupe Quilts”, and “The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook.” Her basis for many of the quilt blocks come from the Kamon, which means family crest, many of which contain geometric motifs, flowers, leaves, and ancient aristocratic symbols.

For this trip, you will need only gray, black and white small print fabrics, which many of you should have in your stash (Batiks and Stonehenge fabrics are not suitable). The only fabric you will need to purchase if you plan on submitting your block for selection each month are FQ's from the American Made fabric line in the following colors: Dark Tomato (#9282), Gold (#9487), Olive (#9288), Dark Purple (#9506), Dark Aqua (#9486), and/or Dark Orange (#9505).  A limited quantity of FQ's will be available for purchase at the December meeting as well as at Stitchcraft.  These will be the designated Accent Color in the patterns. The completed 2015 BOM quilt will contain blocks with all the Accent Colors.  The format for the 2015 BOM will be as follows:

For each month's block, you will select an Accent Colour from the designated FQ's. You are free to use different ones of the six or select a single Accent Colour to use in all 12 blocks. It's your choice and your chance to be creative by determining the placement of the Accent Colour in each month's block. Your other fabrics in the block will come from your stash of gray, black, and white small prints (solids are not suitable).

Each month, one “winning” block will be selected for the 2015 BOM quilt. This individual will be awarded a FQ from our basket that can be used in future blocks. For each month that you participate, your name will be entered for the drawing for the 2015 BOM quilt. Those blocks not selected will be picked up by the participants by the end of each month's meeting and can be used in constructing their own BOM quilt.

Samples of the next month's block will be on display at each Guild meeting and the pattern and instructions will be in each month's newsletter and posted here.

Instructions for the current 2015 BOM are in the newsletter and below. Any questions please contact Diane Provost, [email protected]  or Lee Hasse, [email protected]

The block instructions are posted in the links below:

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