Make It Work!!!: The Recycling Challenge

This year's challenge is an homage to Sherri Lynn Wood's 2016 "Make Do" Challenge, as well as the South Florida Modern Quilt Guild's 2017 Challenge of the same name.  Sherri Lynn Wood's challenge, in brief, was, "Whether you like to follow fixed patterns, or prefer to improvise... I challenge you to make one quilt ... from salvaged clothing, linens curtains or other household materials..." Both the pieces created and the stories behind them were fascinating & touching.

The challenge is to gather up those old, unworn, no longer loved articles of clothing and such that you just can't bear to discard and use them as the literal and figurative source material for your challenge piece and, in the words of Project Runway's Tim Gunn, Make It Work!  Think about old shirts, baby/toddler clothes, ties, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, scraps from other quilts, etc, etc.  Then, plan and design a quilt or a wall hanging incorporating these items.  Consider especially those items that hold a special meaning for you - which is probably why they are still around! Honor and memorialize them by creating a piece made from them, and then tell us the story behind it.

Your piece can be traditional, modern, pieced, appliquéd, or an art quilt and can be machine or hand quilted.  If the quilting is done by someone other than yourself, this must be indicated on your label and your entry form. 

  • SIZE:   Minimum:   30" x 30" or perimeter of 120"
  •              Maximum:   54" x 54" or perimeter of 216"
  •                   (Size can be anything within these parameters.)
  • Your finished piece must be a quilted item consisting of a top, batting, and a back, and it must have a 4" sleeve and a label with your name, name of the piece, and date.
  • Please put tape or fabric over your label so that your name does not show.
  • You must complete the Entry Form and attach it, with a safety pin,  to your quilt.
  • As discussed, the stories behind these quilts are especially important and will be read and considered by the judge, but they will be anonymous.
  • Judging will be done in late October or November,  and the quilts will be exhibited and prizes awarded at the December Guild meeting.  As discussed, entries will be judged on several criteria, including: incorporation of the theme of recycling; overall design and visual impact; and workmanship.
  • If you are unable to attend the October 16 meeting, please contact me at least a week before so that other arrangements can be made, unless you are having someone else bring it to the meeting.

Quilts will be due at the October Guild Meeting on Tuesday, October 16.  Judging will be done in late October or November by a certified Judge, and the quilts will be exhibited and prizes awarded at the December Guild meeting.  

PRIZES;     First Place:  $300.    Second Place:  $200.    Third Place:  $100.

                           Honorable Mention:  $25.      Viewers' Choice:  $50.

Please fill out the sign-up sheet at the next Guild Meeting

Any questions, please contact Judy Shelton.  Email:

Phone: cell: 732-425-5488; home: 561-732-1456