45 Gold Coast Quilters HAD A BALL at Quilt Camp this summer! (2011)

Quilt Camp exists to provide members with 3 days of uninterupted sewing, locally!  Instead of boarding a bus and heading out for distant parts, we convene at the Duncan Center in Delray Beach, with the option to sleep home, on premise, or anywhere your heart desires... we won't ask!  The work room is available day and night, so bring a pillow if you plan to conk out right at your machine!!  All meals are prepared, served & cleared by the staff so when it comes to meals, there's no need to lift a finger... just a fork or spoon to your lips!

 We encourage attendees to bring whatever projects they would like to work on... Members bring class projects that need finishing, new quilts they've wanted to start, charity & challenge projects, binding & quilting.  This year, Tammie Clarke presented a fabric ball project, Trudy Flynn demonstrated her Baby Lock Sashiko Machine & Jane Hill led us in an adorable 3-sided zippered pouch.

Quilt Camp, or any Retreat, is a fantastic investment in your experience as a Guild member and a quilter.  Everyone meets new friends and existing friendships are enhanced.  Input and inspiration is immediately at hand from fellow quilters,as we all create together in one big studio!!