Edna Deppen featured in AQS video

Edna Deppen's "Floating Stars" quilt is featured in a short AQS YouTube video from Paducah this year featuring an interview with Cindy Deppen.  Gold Coast Quilter's Guild actually get a mention too, and even our upcoming "Red and White" exhibition at the Delray Cornell Museum and our "Fifty Shades of Gray" challenge. What a nice tribute.  Watch the video here.  And the link is also posted in our Galleries section here. Or watch it on our YouTube channel here.

Note that even though Cindy says 2014 for the date of the challenge, she corrects that in the comments for the video to 2012.

At the time of this post (5/29/14) this video is being featured on the AQS website (http://www.americanquilter.com/) as their "Video of the week".