Pillow Pals Dress-up Contest

Bring your entry to the March Meeting.

The Pillow Pals are having a tea, but don't know what to wear.  You can help by making a Pillow Pal and "dressing it up" and try to win a prize for the most creative outfit.

Here are the rules:

  1. Create a Pillow Pal using the standard pattern.
  2. Embellish, dress, or adorn your Pal in a way that makes them suitably outfitted for a super-special, very fancy, event of the season tea to be held in April.  Note: All decorations/embellishments must be removable so that the Pillow Pals can be donated to children in need in their original form.
  3. Bring your Pillow Pal to the March meeting for judging.  The winner will be decided by an "outside agency".
  4. All entries will be taken to the tea party and photographed with their friends (this could possibly lead to a future modeling contract!!).
  5. Guild members are invited to attend the tea with two more Pillow Pals, dressed or undressed (the Pillow Pals, that is; guild members must be dressed).

This is an opportunity that you won't want to miss. A prize basket with fantastic goodies will be awarded to the winner - it will even include a kit to make another Pillow Pal.

Please support this important community project.