Sad News about Arthur Jaffe

Early Sunday Arthur Jaffe, Founder of the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University passed away.


Arthur was a dear and special friend. How he loved the Gold Coast Quilters Guild and our "Quilted" books! He took great delight in our members' interest and enthusiasm for the Jaffe Center and his marvelous, exciting, and unique Artist Books. He was especially happy with the passionate way our members embraced the Book Challenge and created such beautiful fabric "Quilted" Books to add to his collection. When his health permitted it, he would attend our Quilt exhibits. He always loved to see what we were creating!

Arthur was 93 years old and lived his life with honor and the greatest of passion and grace. He was an extraordinary man and a visionary in the "World of Book Arts".


A memorial service is being planned by his family and FAU for February 14th.

We'll keep you apprised. 

                                Prepared by Marianne Haycook