The Patty Project Needs your help

We are moving right along with The Patty Project. Plans for teaching beginning quilting classes for fourth graders through high school students in our community are being organized. Thanks to those who have already helped us get started. We are now in need of members to serve on committees. Many of you signed up for committees at the General Meeting and we thank you. If you have any interest in a com- mittee now or in the future, sign up now. If you sign up and for any reason you cannot make that date, we will keep you listed since we will be repeating the four les- son classes several times during the year. Call or email Jane Hill at or Sue Glasnapp

The committees are as follows:
1. Organize materials to be sold at tag sale
2. Tag sale committee
3. Locate students to be instructed in quilting classes 4. Make up project kits for pillow cases and quilt tops 5. Classroom set-up for teaching lessons (4 per ses- sion)
6. Long arm quilter volunteers to quilt finished tops
7. Locate homeless students to receive finished quilts 8. Teacher assistants for each class
This is a brief explanation for those who are not familiar with the Patty Project. Our first president of the Guild, Patty Trevarthen, passed away last June. In lieu of flowers the family requested donations be made to the Guild. We also received an NQA grant. These funds must be used locally to create an interest in quilting by teaching young people how to quilt. These classes will be totally funded by the Gold Coast Quilt- er's Guild using these funds. The finished quilts will be donated to homeless children in the general area. Patty's family has donated all her quilting supplies in- cluding her sewing machines to the Guild. We are planning a tag sale in early March. Among the items for sale are Patty's sewing machines and sergers. The available machines are listed are the Patty Project page.