(Effective January 1, 2019)

Points ore awarded annually to encourage all members to participate in various Guild activities and charity functions. Please note that all points must be accumulated within the some calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec.31). Points will be awarded only for donations made by the member. Criteria for awarding points hove been set by the Board of the GCQG.The points listed will remain in effect until revised by the Board.

Points         Activity

50                Elected Board Member or annual Committee Chair of a major project*

25               Active committee member for one year**

40               Completed Quilt for Caring

20               Completed Pillow Pal

10               Orphan Block assembly

5                Contribution to an Orphan Block project (at the discretion of the Orphan Blocks Chair)

10              Making and showing a wearable GCQG name tag to Points Committee (for newer members, one time only).

* includes positions and projects of on on-going nature requiring time, labor and preparation: President, President-Elect, Programs Chair(s), Accommodations Liaison, Recording Secretary (Board), Recording Secretary (General), Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Block of the Month, Donation Quilt of the Current Year, Historian, Librarian, Membership, Newsletter Editor, Orphan Blocks, Pillow Pals, Points, Quilt Camp, Quilt Exhibits, Quilts for Caring, Quilts of Valor, Quilt Retreat, Web Site Manager

**includes other Guild services such as Advertising, BeeKeeper, Fanny Basket, Fat Quarter Fun, Name Tog Drawing, Show and Tell, Window Decor, and other activities as may arise.