The Quilts of Valor Program is an ongoing, community outreach that is a national initiative (  The Gold Coast Quilters Guild chose to take on this project in 2008.  The purpose of the program is to encourage guild members to make quilts to be given to veterans who have been touched by war.  Each quilt is considered a tribute to the veteran, to recognize his or her service, dedication, and sacrifice made on behalf of our country.  Rather than being “charity” quilts, the Quilts of Valor (QOVs) are considered “medals of honor” to our veterans.  As such, these quilts are to be made with the best workmanship and quality of materials as possible.  The QOV committee works with staff at VA facilities in South Florida to arrange distribution of the quilts.

Workshops are held several times a year to encourage members to piece a Quilt of Valor quilt top.  The QOV committee assigns a volunteer long arm quilter to quilt the top.  After the top is quilted, it is returned to the person who made the top so that binding and a label can be attached.  Pillowcases are made as presentation covers for the QOVs.  The QOV committee encourages the quilter to include a personal note of appreciation to the veteran.  The committee also includes an individual or group photo with the note in a detachable pocket.   Members can turn in quilt tops at any guild meeting and request them to be quilted.  Dimensions of both the quilt top and the backing should be submitted when turning in tops to be quilted. 

Size specifications (after washing) for QOV’s:

  • Minimum: 55” x 65”
  • Ideal:  58” x 76”

All Quilts of Valor must be washed upon completion.

To request quilting for a Quilt of Valor, please go here

You can see our past Quilts of Valor submissions here.